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5th Avenue After Five
Perfume For
Women by Elizabeth Arden

5th Avenue After Five Perfume For Women Description

Gr8-Deal   Offers 5th Avenue After Five Perfume by Elizabeth
at great deal of discounts. The 5th Avenue After Five Perfume launched by the design house of Elizabeth Arden. This 5th Avenue After Five perfume is classified as "Floral-Woody scent"
The 5th Avenue After Five perfume is a sensual, light and spicy, although it offers powerful sensations, yet it is warm woody-floral fragrance. 5th Avenue After Five is sexy and dynamic with refreshing and extraordinary fragrance notes.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Are: Plum, jasmine, peach and mandarin .
Middle Notes Are: Indian orchid, vanilla, lilac and magnolia.
Base Notes Are: Sndalwood and nutmeg.

Fragrance Gender: Women

Launched Time: 1996

Design House: Elizabeth Arden

Perfumer: Olivier Gillotin.

Country Of Origin: USA

Mother Company: Elizabeth Arden

Scent Life: Avrage of 8± Hours

Shippimg Time: 2-5 Business days

Authenticity of Our Elizabeth Arden Perfumes - 101%:
This cologne as well as all products on this site are authentic, and original brand names. We do not sell imitations or knockoffs.

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5th Avenue After Five Eau De Parfum For Ladies

( Item # FR8-426300 )

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75ml - 2.5oz
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Eau De Parfum Spray
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125ml - 4.2oz
Eau De Parfum Spray
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